Avi Bar-Zeev

Selected Talks by Avi Bar-Zeev relating to Metaverse Ethics, Human Psychology, Ad-Technology and the Future of Spatial Computing Tech

AWE 2021

Fun talk on the Metaverse and AR and how they're different. Questions on ethics and "What does the XR Guild stand for?" (our first public teasing of our mission)

Gatherverse 2022

Covering the Web3 side of the Metaverse, key ethical and ecomonic considerations around Decentralization, Tokenization, and fostering a future of Abundance

Stanford Symposiom on XR and Law in January 2023

Eye tracking and the implications for privacy, mental autonomy, and ad-tech regulations

Guest Lecture at MIT Media Lab in Feb on Metaverse Futures

Featuring a framework for understanding XR's effects on people, and the 7 Verses

Institute for the Future on the Meta Meta Metaverse

Wide-ranging talk covering the Metaverse, privacy, and the future

Elon University and Pew Foundation

on the future of the Metaverse

AWE 2013

On the future of AR and treating features like superpowers

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