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It combines expertise together with informal aspects of democratization and humor, plus great illustrations to make these important topics fun. Yeah!

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Past issues of MDE:

MDE#00 - The Metaverse: Trick or Treat? Keep your eyes wide open 👁

MDE#01 - The 10 Commandments Designing a responsible metaverse

MDE#02 - Metaverse Data Privacy 1 Let´s dance in VR! While enjoying data harvesting…

MDE#03 - The Metaverse's Arrythmia When there is no match between expectations and reality

MDE#04 - Tech Check-up Reflecting on the high-maintenance relationship with tech 🤑

MDE#05 - Becoming Inclusive Expanding our vision in the real world 🔎

MDE#06 - Metaverse Data Privacy 2 Going incognito in the metaverse 😎

MDE#07 - The Digital Markets Act And why it matters for the metaverse 🔎

MDE#08 - Avatars & Identity Small features that matter 🔍

MDE#09 - How to Speak Up in XR Interview with XR pioneer Avi Bar-Zeev 💡

MDE#10 - Vision Pro's Biofeedback Edge A headset that learns from your data 🤖

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